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The bare chassis is exposed.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, we’ve been very busy over the past week! Above you can see a quick video of what I’ve been up to since the last post. We’ve been working on getting the old Dodge body off of the chassis. We will be using the chassis for product testing quite a bit in the near future while I begin my search for a donor chassis to set the Dodge body back on. Stay tuned! Also! If anyone knows of a cheap, good running, standard cab-short bed Dodge Dakota or Chevy S10 in the Mid-Atlantic, shoot us a line!

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Let the cutting begin!

Recently we introduced to you my new project, a 1950 Dodge “Pilot-House” Truck. After I did some digging, I found that there wasn’t going to be an easy way to remove the original bolts holding the front end, cab, and bed on the truck. Luckily I had a number of cutting tools at my disposal and we didn’t waste any time, and got the cutting started on the ol’ Dodge!

The first order of business was to get the old wood floor ripped out of the bed. It was all rotted quite badly, and I found layer after layer of wood patches. This was truly used as a workhorse, and old Whitey had just thrown plywood in each time the bed floor started to rot out. Ultimately this lead to moisture getting trapped between the bed braces as well as the bedsides, and the rot set in. You can see below the braces didn’t fare too well.

At this point, I called in the big guns, the Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter, and this new affordable 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder we now carry, to cut the original bolts holding the bed onto the frame. I was surprised that it all went pretty smoothly, and the bed came off all in one piece!

Next is the front clip, and then the cab. In the meantime I’m on the hunt for a suitable chassis donor on Craigslist. Hoping I can score a deal in the coming weeks! Watch this space for more to come.

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Introducing the newest headache…errr project!

Some of you may remember about a month ago I hinted at my latest bad idea.. or great idea (depending who you are talking to), a 1950 Dodge Pickup Truck. I found this truck when buying some old VW parts cars from an extremely nice “old stuff collector” in my area. After a winter of milling it over, I decided I needed to try something out of my comfort zone of 70′s-80′s European Cars. I have always loved 40′s and 50′s cars, with their round lines, big bubble fenders, and exquisite grills and hood emblems.. they just ooze style!

So fast forward to early March and we got some of our first warm-ish weather. I decided to give my buddy “Whitey” a visit and see if I could strike a deal on one of his old 50′s Dodge pickup trucks. After I got the grand tour again (Whitey loves to show off his old stuff if you ask nicely), he brought me to the most complete of the bunch and told me the story. Apparently he had daily driven this truck since the late 50′s up until about 88 or 89. That was, until he had a bad waterpump, overheated the engine and cracked the head. Since Whitey was so busy with work and other projects, he parked the truck hoping to get it fixed some day. He did eventually get the cylinder head off, but never got any further than that. Now some 23 years later, here I was handing him cold hard cash for this bad boy.

So this past Saturday I went out with the local flatbed driver and pulled it out of the woods. After clearing out all of the odds and ends from in front of the truck, we were able to get it up on the truck. I shot a quick video of the process and you can see how locked up the rear was when we went to pull it out.

Dodge loaded

After getting it unloaded here at Eastwood, I got to working on the Dodge today. I cleaned the junk out of the cab, pulled the seat, and began vacuuming the inside of the truck. You can see below that cab is pretty dang solid thus far!

Stay tuned for more updates later this week!

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