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SEMA 2013 Final Recap

The last days of SEMA 2013 were a blur and we were so swamped at our booth I realized I left everyone hanging with my last batch of photos! In previous years late Thursday and Friday the show is winding down and SEMA becomes a ghost town. I’ve normally “seen everything” and I find myself wandering the furtherest corners of the show looking for interesting vehicles hiding that I may have missed. This year the show itself spread out into the adjacent parking lot to the south hall. This lot was full of more feature vehicles and some of them were pretty dang cool! It seems every square inch of the show space surrounding areas was full of exhibitors, show cars, and people. This year ended being the largest SEMA yet and by far the best for us at The Eastwood Company.

We are still digging through photos and video and we promise to get out all the great content we took ASAP. For now enjoy my last batch of photos we shot Thursday and Friday.

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SEMA 2013 Day 3 Coverage

Most Automotive shows and events Day 3 is when things start to slow down. This isn’t the case at SEMA. The show has SO MUCH to see that even for myself that’s four days in; I was still finding new cars and products I hadn’t seen before. I haven’t even hit all of the buildings in the show and I have shot hundreds and hundreds of photos and I still feel like I’m missing a lot of good stuff!

The show always pulls out some unusual and crazy vehicles each yea. You’re always destined to find something out of this world at the Meguiars Car Crazy booth and this year was no exception. This year the vehicle that caught my eye was probably one of the largest. The best way to describe it would be to describe it as a torpedo with wheels. Bright yellow, huge antique engine and loud as hell, this thing really was cool! We hope to catch some more info about it later this week, but here’s some photos of it on display on the Car Crazy Stage outside of SEMA.

Another cool part about the show is the debut of high profile show cars. The Ford “SnakeBit” Custom Truck built for rock legend Gene Simmons. This truck is a beautiful mix between a classic Ford Truck and the new Ford Mustang Cobra. This thing is sleek and nasty with a new Ford 5.4L Supercharged V8 engine under the hood. We got a spy shot of it earlier this week, but never expected it to be something this special! Check it out below.

We shot a ton more photos below, and we have a LOT of ground to cover still. So stay tuned!

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SEMA 2013 Day 2 Coverage

All of the vehicles have been detailed, booths are built, and the beautiful booth models are in place, this could only mean one thing… Tuesday was upon us and the 2013 SEMA Show opened their doors to tens of thousands of industry professionals. We did our best to stay focused (those show cars draw me like a moth to the light!) Monday as we got our booth set up and ready for everyone. This year it seems like there’s a great vibe in the air with more new products on the show floor than ever.

Aside from the usual “trends” I seem to notice a few obvious new trends this year at the show. Below are few photos that display just that.

If you’re not pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down then I’ll school you quickly. “Van of all types are Cool”. I know there are some of you out there that say the Van Culture never died.. but they’re definitely making a comeback! We’re excited to see what starts to pop out of the woodwork over the next year or two.

A few big builds have been unveiled and I was there to check them out first and snap some photos.

Brian Fuller and his crew at Fuller Hot Rods always promise to put out some of the most unique builds of the show. Last year their “Thundertaker” Cadillac Hearse took the show by storm and had crowds surrounding it all week. This year is no different. The “Double Down” Ford Roadster is an all wheel drive monster with a Ford Racing V8 engine that perfectly marries performance and custom modifications with the iconic styling of a deuce roadster (1932 Ford Roadster). These builds are not for mere mortals like you and I, but they’re definitely an inspiration that can help us push ourselves on our home builds.

We also kicked off our first batch of Tech Demos with Ron Covell and Kevin Tetz at the show. The crowds and interaction was great and we can’t wait to see what these guys have to show us each day of the show!

We’ve got our eyes open and our ears to the ground and we’ll be bringing you some of our favorites everyday from the show. Be sure to follow along on for live coverage via our Facebook page:, Twitter: and Instagram:

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SEMA 2013 Day 1 Coverage

For most SEMA Show goers Tuesday is day one for the SEMA Show, but for anyone exhibiting today is our first day as set up our Eastwood Exhibitor booth. We’ve been exhibiting at the show quite sometime now and you can always find us right near the main stage of the General Motors and Chevrolet booth on the border of Hot Rod Alley and The Restoration Marketplace. The “Main Hall” where we reside for the week is where all of the heavy-hitters of the industry are setup. This also means we get to see some of the best cars of the show right In our backyard!

Yesterday (Monday) I broke away from our booth assembly and snapped some spy shots of vehicles that will undoubtedly be some of the best of the event!

Today, Tuesday the show opens to everyone and we’re sure it’s going to be swamped on the show floor and outside the show. We’ve got some great interviews and vehicle features to shoot already lined up and a bunch more in the works. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

For now check out photos from Day One of the Eastwood #SEMAshow2013 coverage below and be sure to follow along on for live coverage via our Facebook page: , Twitter: and Instagram:

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SEMA 2013 Pre-Show Coverage

In the automotive world there’s a few events you can always count on being the hotbed of “what’s cool” in the hobby. The one we always look forward to is right around the end of October or Early November and that’s the SEMA Show. Eastwood Company has been attending SEMA since our early days and we’ve watched it grow each year. The 2013 SEMA Show is no different and this year it’s almost outgrown the HUGE space it takes up at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year I’ve heard rumors that the show has spilled out into the parking lot and halls of the adjacent Las Vegas Hotel. This means there will be more top-notch show vehicles, new products, and gear heads like you and I then before!

In the past we’ve been trying to share our knowledge and let you in on all that’s Eastwood with our live tech demos, show coverage, vehicle features, new products, and anything else in between that makes us tick. This includes our live coverage of the SEMA Show and our exclusive video features with some of the best vehicles and biggest names in the automotive world. We’ve got a list of killer cars and kool cats we are going to share with you!

We’ll be posting live updates via our Facebook page: , Twitter: and Instagram: . We’ll also post daily coverage right here on the blog with a dump of all of the photos we shot of the previous day. Lastly we’ve got live demos going the first official day of the show (Tuesday). Be sure to visit and to watch Industry Pros Kevin Tetz and Ron Covell give paint and metal shaping demos from our booth IN the SHOW!

I snuck into the show today and got everyone a few spy shots of the show being setup. This is no small feat; it’s like building a city in a few days! Stay tuned this is just getting good!


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