2013 50th Ridler Award Winner Announced

2013 Ridler Award Winner

The Riddler award is one of the most coveted awards in the hot rod and classic car world. This is basically the automotive equivalent of a Grammy for the entertainment industry. That is, if they only gave out one for the best all around actor, actress, or movie of the year. Previous owners and builders of the winning cars are a who’s-who in the automotive world. The rules are very strict and clear, the vehicles that are considered must be shown for the first time EVER at the Detroit Autorama show held each winter and they MUST run. The vehicles over the recent years have really varied with hot rods, customs, race, cars, muscle cars, etc winning. Most of all these vehicles need to be the best of the best in all aspects, so imagine designing the PERFECT custom car and then take that up a notch to be a nominee. This year was no different and the “Great 8″ in the running for the Ridler Award were all pieces of automotive art.

This year marked the 50th anniversary this prestigious award was given out and the winner was Ron Cizek and his beautiful 1940 Ford coupe built by Cal Automotive Creations in Omaha, NE and paint by Charley Hutton Color Studio. “Checkered Past” as it’s named is heavily modified with countless handmade and one off parts. It’s powered with a fuel-injected, supercharged flathead V8 engine. This car will join some of the best hot rods and customs ever built in history with this award. We can’t wait for more pictures to start flowing in from the show. The guys over at MyRideIsMe.com and Macs Motor City Garage snapped off a bunch of really great photos of the car. Make sure you check their shots here and here

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