Classic Cars Stuck In Time…in Havana, Cuba

From the video: one of the many American classics (’56 Chevy) still on the road in Havana.

While browsing through some videos on YouTube, I came across a 4-1/2-minute home movie that someone took on a trip to Havana, Cuba. It’s amazing, but at first glance you’ll think it’s a video about a classic car show somewhere in Florida!

Virtually all the American cars in Cuba are from the Fifties, thanks to the blockade imposed by the U.S. in 1960. So you can imagine what kind of fine shape they must be in to still be on the road! (Without access to original car parts, Cubans make their own parts or scavenge them from other cars.)

Though several of the cars in this video have already been identified, you can try identifying them as you watch as well. You’ll also enjoy a short travelogue of today’s Havana.

Interestingly, you’ll also see traffic lights that have digital timers to let drivers know how many seconds are left until the green light and red light change. That might not be a bad idea in this country (though I could think of some drawbacks).

In this video you’ll see classic Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler, and even a vintage Mercedes-Benz.

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