Eastwood visits Source Interlink in LA!

For anyone not familiar with Source Interlink, they publish some of the largest automotive magazines out there. I could bet you have read or bought a number of them before. Everything from Car Craft, Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Classic Trucks, Popular Hotrodding, to LowRider, Mini Truckin, Eurotuner, Import Tuner, etc. If there is an automotive niche, they publish a quality magazine about it. We are lucky enough to be invited out to show off some of our exciting new products, and brainstorm (some call it bench racing LOL ) about future projects and stories.

Today we hung out at their Irvine office. I decided to snap a few shots of what they had “laying around” their garage. This place was so nice! Tomorrow we visit their El Segundo office. Until then check out the pictures I snapped today!

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