Finally….A Brake Fluid Resistant Paint

Nothing is worse than dripping brake fluid onto your freshly painted parts and seeing the paint damage appear before your eyes.  This has been one of those issues plaguing hobbyists for years… many cars do you see at car shows with the remains of paint on the master cylinder?  After experiencing this problem and hearing about it from our customers, we decided that we needed to develop a product that could be used on master cylinders, wheel cylinders, or anywhere else brake fluid may spill or drip.  The result – Eastwood’s New Brake Gray.  The results are simply amazing and need to be seen for yourself. 

Eastwood Brake Gray - Brake Fluid Resistant Coating

Eastwood Brake Gray - Brake Fluid Resistant Coating

At the SEMA show, we met up with Kevin Tetz (host of Paintucation and TRUCKS!) and told him about this new product.  He wanted to see the results for himself, so we sent him a can.  Check out what Kevin had to say about Eastwood Brake Gray: 

“I was VERY skeptical of Eastwood’s Brake Gray brake fluid resistant aerosol paint. Brake fluid is caustic and never sleeps! I’ve had brake fluid ruin catylized urethanes when it stays unnoticed from a drip or leak….. It can break your heart and cause a ton of work in a repaint. I shot three medium coats onto a random metal piece, let it dry according to the instructions, and then dripped a half ounce of DOT 3 brake fluid on the coating and waited. By day three the only sign I had that there was a brake fluid spill was a little bit of moisture and a slight white outline of where the fluid used to be, which wiped off easily leaving the paint intact and unaffected. This is amazing! Paint for master cylinders, firewalls, frame rails, brake lines and connectors, steering shafts, anything that is around or under a master cylinder in a car or truck is now protected! Wow! More and more we’re seeing high tech paints come in the form of aerosol application, which is completely changing the stigma of the “bomb can” and bringing it into the realm of “professional” paint. 5 stars… this is an amazing product that does what it says it does.” 

Kevin Tetz

Kevin Tetz

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  • Spray Gray Cast-Iron Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of car’s cast-iron parts while helping prevent rust and corrosion, so those parts will look brand new for a long, long time. Cast-iron spray paint is an acrylic lacquer that has a low 4-15% gloss. Heat-resistant up to 250 degreesF.

  • Greenlee Tools

    February 4th, 2010

    Brake Gray can be applied on to metal, ceramics, wood and leather.

  • MarkRight

    February 9th, 2010

    Cool article as for me. I’d like to read something more concerning this topic. Thanks for giving that data.

  • K. Beckman

    July 19th, 2010

    Why not in black as well?
    Boosters are virtually always black and where does all the fluid eventually dribble down?
    European MC’s are usually black.
    I imagine there were tinting difficulties?

  • pacquiaovsmosley

    April 2nd, 2011

    sign me up

  • Joann T. Stout

    April 19th, 2011

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