How to paint a motorcycle – Painting your motorcycle with spray paint

Since Eastwood introduced 2K Aero-Spray (catalyzed 2-component spray paint), we have been bombarded with questions of whether or not a car or motorcycle could be painted with Aero-Spray.  The answer to that question is “yes”!

To prove it, Eastwood’s Kevin S. decided to paint his motorcycle with spray paint by using Eastwood’s 2k Aero-Spray Epoxy Primer and 2k Aero-Spray Ceramic Underhood Black.  Kevin’s 2004 Yamaha V Star 1100 was in good shape, but had a dent in the gas tank that needed to be fixed, plus Kevin wanted to add some custom touches.

To start the project, Kevin tore the bike down and then stripped the paint by using Eastwood’s 4.5″ stipping disc kit.  To address the dent in the tank, Kevin thoroghly cleaned the tank and then used his Eastwood MIG175 and the MIG Stud Weld Kit to pull out the dent.  This worked well to get the dent worked out, then Kevin used Eastwood’s Lead-Free Body Solder to smooth out the repair.

Turning his attention to the rear of the bike, Kevin frenched in a ’39 Ford teardrop taillight and added some trick LED bullet turnsignals.  To blend in the frenched taillight, a quick swipe of Contour Premium Body Filler was used.  After a quick wipedown with PRE, the tins were ready for primer.

Kevin used 2K Aero-Spray Epoxy primer.  He let the primer dry overnight and block sanded it with 320 and 400 grit sandpaper.  After the sanded tins were tacked off, Kevin applied the 2K Aero-Spray Ceramic Underhood Black.  This paint offers a 10-20% gloss level, perfect for the look Kevin was going after. Over the course of a week, working at night, Kevin was able to transform the look of his bike…..and without breaking the bank!

Specs of Kevin’s Bike:

2004 Yamaha V Star 1100

1939 Ford LED Taillight Frenched into rear fender

Single Carb intake with a S&S Super E carb

Bullet style rear turn signals

Dyna 3000 ignition module

Products Used:

MIG 175 Welder

Eastwood Premium body filler

MIG Stud Weld kit to pull dent in tank

PRE Paint Prep

2k Aerospray Epoxy Primer

2k Aerospray Underhood Black

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  • John Gilbert

    May 2nd, 2013

    Gee, I didn’t know you could put an S&S carb on a Yamaha.

    I do like the slightly reduced sheen of that 2k Aerospray Underhood Black.

    I wonder if I could use it to paint the S&S carb on my ’77 Shovelhead?

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