Powder Coating at Home

When I first started working at Eastwood, one of the first products I got my hands on was the HotCoat Powder Coating System.  Having never been exposed to powder coating, I was a little skeptical of how much more durable it was compared to paint.  After I sprayed a few test panels, I was sold.  When the panels cured, I was told to take a pick hammer and hit the q-panel.  To my surprise, the panel had a nice indent, but the powder did not flake off.  Next, I was told to bend the q-panel in half.  Again, the powder did not flake off (try these simple tests at home….it is pretty amazing!!  You can also coat a piece of aluminum foil and bend that all around to see how durable powder coating is).  After seeing these two tests, I was sold and have been powder coating at home ever since.

Powder coating at home can be done for a relatively low amount of money.  All you need is an oven (I started with a small toaster oven and worked my way up to an old house oven), a compressed air source, powder, powder coat gun, and clean parts to coat.  Click here to see how easy it is to powder coat at home.

Working on old VW’s, I’ve been powder coating just about anything I can fit into the oven - pedal assemblies, engine tin, pulleys, wheels, hood hinges, sway bar,….even the gas tank for my ’62 bug (we did that in our large walk-in oven in our R&D).  Nick

Powder Coated Gas Tank

Powder Coated Gas Tank

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  • Andy

    January 26th, 2010

    This reminds me of me, when I got my first oven to powder coat. I think my wife told me that if she could be powder coated I would have done it. I powder coated everything, it becomes an addiction. I took some time off, but now I am starting back up again.

  • jonathanashley

    May 11th, 2012

    I like your blog.I want to coat my window.so plse include some more details..And the cost for doing it.

  • Sac Lancel

    June 26th, 2013

    e suis blazée car nous avons pas de grands moyens et mon mari m’a vu tellement heureuse de voir le sac qui me fait rêver depuis 3 ans à un prix “plus abordable” qu’il me l’a acheté pour noël. Mais là j’ai plus envie de pleurer qu’autre chose. J’attends la livraison (si la douane ne le détruit pas car à prioris c’est de la contrefaçon) et je vais voir avec ma banque si on peut faire une opposition ou quelque chose

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